PRITCH LONDON Autumn /Winter 2019 Launch of DIVINE BEINGS

What a crazy and turbulent time! I am really enjoying  the London Fashion Week 2019 start with PRITCH London – it’ll go by so quickly that I wouldn’t even have the chance to blink… just kidding…


PRITCH LONDON stands for non -conformist luxury, our distinctive use pf sustainable leather embodies today’s versatile modernity through classic shapes, duality and dimensional textures. without consistency, utilizing hand-crafted leather technology and harnessing opulent textures and esoteric materials.


girl with later skirt photo harry clciks

The EOS skirt is named after the Goddess of the dawn. The skirt is made of yellow Nappa leather and features A-line pleats. Photo:- Hardeep Singh


YELLOW WOMEN JECKET photo harry clciks

The THEIA jacket is named after the Goddess THEIA who is known as the ‘far shining’, and represents all shining elements. This yellow suit serves to make you stand out .. The suite features A-line pleats from the waist down. Photo:- Hardeep Singh


This collection illuminates obscure and ambiguous ancient Greek goddesses, historically overlooked in favour of more serene beings. this  Autumn/Winter 2019 collection introduce in London Fashion Week 2019 drapery and innovative new leather techniques to bring you powerful silhouettes.

PRITCH LONDON Autumn /Winter 2019 Launch of DIVINE BEINGS


women in jumpsuit black and white checkered wool photo:- Hardeep Singh

The METIS jumpsuit is named after the Goddess of practicality and wisdom. This piece allows for an effortlessly stylish look, with its combined top and bottom, and bright yellow detailing against black and white checkered wool. Photo:- Hardeep Singh


women in RED photo:- Hardeep Singh

The GAIA coat is named after the Goddess of Life and Earth. This coat features a soft red Nappa leather wrap top and a flowy viscose skirt.  Photo:- Hardeep Singh



The THALIA corset, named after the Goddess of festivities and luxurious celebrations, is made from black nappa leather and copper foil leather along the front. Its classic design yet fierce colour and sleek finishes evoke this collections’ work with classical Greek elements and modern design.  Photo:- Hardeep Singh


Pritch London photo Hardeep Singh

The THALIA dress, is named after the Goddess of festivities and luxurious celebrations. A medium length dress made of black nappa leather and foil leather in copper shade. This dress features a corset bustier with chrome studs running down the front. The skirt features woven leather detailing finished with a fringed hem. Photo:- Hardeep Singh


The HEBE dress is named after the Goddess of Youth. This dress gives a fresh take on the popular ancient Greek chiton dress, elevating the greecian white drape style by featuring pleated white satin and pleated copper foil leather. The pleats are cinched at the waist by a foil leather belt. Photo Hardeep Singh

hardeep Singh, Goddess of the Underworld

This luxurious dress is named after the Goddess of the Underworld, LYSSA. A dress made of Nappa leather and Ostrich feathers, featuring a halter top bodice with sweetheart Neckline,and python leather sleeves. Photo:- Hardeep Singh


Arina Pritch London

“Clothes have a transformative power, and are an unspoken statement.” Arina Pritch Photo:- Hardeep Singh