How many time do we face our Fears?

Rock Climbing in Rhossili Gower is an extremely popular climbing destination in south wales. Easily accessible when tides are low. another hand It is the second home for surf lover. I did a surf trip two times on Rhossili bay.

Photo:- Heon Jin

So what’s all the fuss about? Rhossili Bay has 3 miles of gorgeous sand and coastline with cliffs. Perfect for walkers, watersports, wonderful views and home to the largest concentration of sport Rock Climbing in Rhossili Gower.

What Is Climbing?

Climbing is the activity of using one’s hands, feet, or any other part of the body to moving across like cliffs and steep mountain terrain. climbing is enjoyment in nature and scenic places and outdoor fun.

What did I learn from 1st Climbing?

I learn to use my arms and legs in new ways. I learn about finding balance in both my movements and my lives, finding an equilibrium so I can reach further, so I can climb higher. I found out the concentrated effort to move up a rock face, an effort that requires a unity of mind and body to succeed.

How Climbing Changes my Life?

The first time you go rock climbing on a cliff or mountain face might change your life. (I remember my Frist hiking trip to the Lake District in the U.K). Imperial college outdoor club member was doing climbing and another group was there. I try to climb 6 meters. that 6 meters change my life.

”Out there on the rocks, I discover parts of myself that I never knew existed—strong, brave, resourceful, and able to do anything I try”.

Climbing changes my perceptions about myself, allowing me to find confidence, insight, and hidden sources of strengths. Climbing helps me overcome fears, weaknesses, and self-doubt, and lets me discover natural abilities that I always had but never used.

my first fears about falling are usually because I don’t understand the climbing safety system or I don’t trust my climbing partner. I was double-checking my climbing partner is an experience holder.

In my words:- When did start climbing?  Can I trust you?

Anna my experienced partner knows how climbing equipment keeps you safe. I Learn how to ​tie into the rope. I learn how to belay. Learn how to do a safety check for your buddy and yourself. Learn climbing skills and how to be responsible for your own safety and you won’t worry as much about the effects of falling.

Anna my experienced partner

that it is possible to change our mental attitude, do you find yourself saying ‘I can’t!’ or ‘it’s impossible!’, or saying ‘I’m going to fall off/ I’ll never do it/ I can’t do overhangs’?

A simplistic understanding of self-talk would have you say to yourself ‘I can/ I won’t fall off/ I can do overhangs’ – however anyone who has tried this will know this doesn’t often work because its simply not believable enough and your brain smells a rat and conjures up another voice to restate your doubts.

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