Birthday party photography, Harleen 1st birthday

”Family as Art” is how I would describe my family photography style. The one thing I love about moment based family portraits is each session is purely motivated by loving moments of connection, precious moments that will be cherished for many years to come.

Some photo shoots have a magic to them that I cannot explain. Perhaps it’s a combination of beautiful Atmosphere, a sweet family, guests the cutest baby smile. Take this first birthday party photo shoot with little Herleen.

Mother is a dear friend of mine

This is why my job is truly the best – the baby and family photos will never loose value as long as they represent the love you all share for each other. It’s almost impossible to choose just a few favorites from our baby and family shoot in a birthday party indoor, so forgive me for oversharing. A lifetime of memories starts here!

Before the guests arrived I spent some time with my friend’s family and got some fun portraits of them with Herleen.

An emotional family portrait tells a story and it’s an art form. the art that is closest to my heart. I am painting with light and the love you show for each other. Storytelling Family Photography is precious because it captures YOUR family’s story



I love birthday parties! I would love to photograph your child’s party, you can e-mail me at or contact me on 0044 7898238268