Month: July 2019

Hardeep Singh

26 May 2019 trip report:

Saturday dive 1: Black Hawk (bow)

The weather was sunny and warm and the sea relatively calm. As we descended we could see the water wasn’t fully clear of the plankton as we hoped, but the visibility of about 4-8m was enough to navigate around the wreck (once we got to it after finning against a strong current!).  Saw crabs, lots of fish and an eel. I learnt that it might not be the best idea to hold onto Fee’s DSMB and the shot line at the same time – my arms are longer now!

Saturday dive 2: Bombardon unit in the harbour

After lunch and gas fills at Castletown we set off for the Bombardon in the harbour. As we descended it was obvious that the visibility was going to be good. When we reached the wreck the visibility was spectacular. Clearwater and plenty of light from the surface brought almost half of the wreck into view. Needless to say, everyone thoroughly enjoyed this dive. Animal life abounded. Lots of conger eels, crabs and a huge shoal of pollock (the stripey fish) [Webmaster’s note: surely bib, no?]. The shotline had been expertly positioned right next to the wreck and as a result, got stuck. We had to send a brace of Fiona’s back down to free it, and check out our new lifting bag at the same time (it works).

Sunday dive 1: Drift Grove Point Balaclava Bay

(Grove Point Depths between 12–30m. Rocky ledges with large amounts of marine life. Good for drifts and night diving.) Drifting over the mix of sand and rock, the whole floor was a mass of scallops.  Edible and spider crabs were seen, a ray and a big fish. The skipper gave specific instructions as she dropped us, going down with already inflated DSMBs and to follow the drift. It was an interesting gentle drift and we saw lots of life between the rocks at depths ranging from 15 to 20m. The visibility was about 4 to 5m this time and everyone enjoyed this dive.

Sunday dive 2: The Dredger 

The second dive of the day was at a relatively shallow depth of 12 metres, which is ideal for training as well as to observe sea life.

Overall, a very good two days. Thanks to Fee for planning and, together with Laura, for skippering the brilliant DRIFT dive. Graham and Fiona joined us on Saturday and Melissa & Neil joined on Sunday.  Matteo, Sam, George, Laura, Hardeep and Fee all enjoyed a long bank holiday weekend.

I sometimes wonder what it is I love so much about family photography. And I think it’s beyond the beautiful light (which I love too!) or the pretty clothing and I don’t think it has much to do with the technical merits of a camera. It’s about the most precious gift you can give your children – memories of their childhood, memories of your love and patience. And that’s why it’s so important for me to capture your family in a natural and honest way. Every baby is unique and every family has its own language. As a children photographer, I thrive on capturing that unique dynamic into little frames of love – family photographs.

It’s such an honour that this beautiful family featured in the blog post today opened their home and their hearts to me as well. We started our baby session at the holiday home in the Isle of Portland, right after baby Tia travel from North London. Starting at home is a way for me to connect with the baby in his safe space, capture lifestyle portraits and even include the family pets.  it’s more of a nature reserve and a photographer’s dream.

To put in this mum’s words:

“Harry, We are so thrilled with the images!
You managed to capture us with so much warmth and to distil the glorious Summer sunshine so perfectly.
Thank you for creating images
that we will treasure forever.”

I cherish a lot this year of year, the business slows down a bit and I get to enjoy even more the beautiful families I meet for indoor photo shoots.


Baby Photographer in Isle of Portland











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It means a lot to me to give my clients the best experience possible and deliver their beautiful portraits to be cherished forever.  I am so excited to be able to offer this beautiful folio box to my wonderful maternity and family clients to house their mounted and matted portraits.  The folio box comes with 10 or 20 mounted and matted 7×10 images in 11×14 matts.  The folio box is more versatile than an album since you could actually frame some of the photos as well in the future. I am not surprised that the folio box has been my number one seller since I introduced it.

You can frame some of your images and store the rest in this box, or leave them all in here as a sort of album. The box includes a satin ribbon to help lift the prints out of the box safely and easily. It is by far my most popular item and a favourite way to display your portraits.  All images chosen to be included in your folio box will also be given to you in high-resolution digital form.  Please inquire for prices.

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