About Harry

“This is not where it ends this is where it starts”

Hardeep Singh

With 10 years of experience, Hardeep Singh (Harry) is one of the most recognizable photographers in the imaging industry. Indian born and raised Harry now lives and works in London.

“I am a photographer. I Give an Experience of beauty. Confidence and transmission”.

 He is passionate about amazing photography. He specialises in documentary photography, but His contemporary glamour lifestyle transcends past stereotypes and has changed the face of lifestyle photography.

His photography story started many years ago when He was studying Master in tourism. He took up photography as a hobby to escape the stresses of his busy life and discovered a natural flair along with a lasting passion for the work.

Harry has created own ground-breaking solo travelling in 2012, in which he uses his documentary signature techniques to mentor and empower thousands of traveller and document images internationally.

He runs online education platform & community for contemporary portrait, connecting to photographers globally through live broadcasts, videos, in-person workshop.

He is London, Paris and Milan Fashion Week Accredited  Photographer.


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